Contact tracing

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A group of positive COVID-19 cases identified within a Buffalo church is prompting a one-day diagnostic clinic to check for more potential cases.

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The chairs of the state legislative health committees are proposing a bill that would help protect the privacy of New Yorkers who give personal information to coronavirus contact tracers. They say without the protections, the contact tracing system -- aimed at curbing the virus and avoiding future shutdowns -- won’t work.

During a briefing with local media Saturday afternoon, Erie County Health Commissioner Dr. Gale Burstein outlined the process of contact tracing to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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As more states turn to contact tracing as part of their next phase in containing the coronavirus, New York is trying to build what could become one of the largest contact tracing programs for COVID-19 in the United States.

The Erie County Health Department wants to know more about the major contract tracing initiative for positive cases of COVID-19 that was announced Wednesday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo for the New York City and tri-state area.

Despite increasing calls to lift the New York PAUSE restrictions, most public officials throughout the state are refraining from predicting when most activities will resume. The effort to move beyond the standstill of the COVID-19 pandemic was boosted in recent days, so says Dr. Nancy Nielsen. In her weekly appearance with WBFO, she sees help coming from an increase in coronavirus testing and a funded contact tracing program.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo says former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has offered to take over the complex and labor-intensive process of contact tracing after someone becomes sick with coronavirus and is putting up $10.5 million to help do so.