Councilman Rasheed Wyatt

Thomas O'Neil-White

Local leaders announced Friday that 100 homes in Buffalo's University District will be repaired over eight days this summer. Eight Days of Hope is the Mississippi-based non-profit religious organization tasked with the repair work.

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Governor Cuomo apparently hasn't even signed legislation allowing surveillance cameras in Buffalo school zones but there's already a fight developing about where the cameras will go.

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In the middle of the after-school rush yesterday of the traffic along Bailey Avenue, someone shot three people in front of a liquor store at Bailey and Berkshire. Police say it was a targeted shooting.

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"Our Stories, Our Neighborhood" was on the big screen at the restored Varsity Theatre. The documentary is about the history of the Kensington-Bailey community and how it has changed over the years.

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The list of official Buffalo landmarks is continuing to increase, with more scheduled to be approved by the Council tomorrow. The city Preservation Board has been picking buildings which are landmarks under state or federal rules and covering them under city rules.


Common Council members were provided a disturbing story Tuesday of why so many people in the BMHA's Frederick Douglass town houses have been losing heat and hot water this freezing winter.

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City Hall is taking another look at the future of the concrete medians on Main Street in North Buffalo.  Removing the barriers, however, would be a costly effort.

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A Buffalo councilmember says he's getting complaints about a hookah lounge. The business was the site of an apparent shooting early Sunday morning.

Crackdown launched on problem delis

Feb 26, 2016
Thomas O'Neil-White

Claiming some corner stores have become "community centers for criminals," a group of local lawmakers is calling for a crackdown on unscrupulous deli owners.

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Buffalo lawmakers want action on problematic delis and on drug houses and say they need Albany and Buffalo police to help.

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As Buffalo and the Catholic Diocese have closed schools, the buildings have gone off-line and into an aging and empty status. Now, the demand for better housing is making some of the buildings more attractive for re-use.

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It appears the Buffalo Common Council will not be rubber stamping a new deal with Rural Metro. Last Tuesday, an elderly driver waited 45-minutes for an ambulance after her car hit a Hertel Avenue restaurant.