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With all the controversy and debate surrounding concussions and CTE for those playing contact sports, there are some surprising results from a UB study.  WBFO' senior reporter Eileen Buckley says the new report is claiming the CTE risk is not as prevalent as once thought.  

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Hockey can be a brutal game. The injuries sustained on the ice can be life-altering, even life-ending. More attention than ever is now being paid to the effects of head injuries and concussions, on both the professional and youth levels.

UBMD Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

Researchers studying the effects on concussions on athletes hope the new film Concussion will raise awareness about the effects of head trauma on the brain. 

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The New York State Board of Regents has cleared the way for a new career pathways for high school students aimed at improving graduation rates. 

With the increasing thousands of jobs on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, the city school district is rushing to have a school with education and employment connections to the campus.

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After years of decline in Buffalo's vocational school system Albany is making plans to transform Burgard High School into a manufacturing magnet school.