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City of Buffalo

The City of Buffalo has a budget for the fiscal year starting in July, with few changes from Mayor Byron Brown's proposal.

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Buffalo's Common Council voted Tuesday to push back the usual November tax auction for properties, where taxes haven't been paid. The move comes because so many renters are failing to pay owners.

City of Buffalo

A relatively small group of commentators turned out virtually Monday to talk about Mayor Byron Brown's budget proposal, now before Buffalo's Common Council.

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A  historic building in Buffalo’s African American Heritage Corridor,  is getting a new life.

The structure at 509 Michigan Ave., next to the Michigan Avenue Baptist Church,  will be renovated and then doubled to become the home of Vision Multi Media Group, owner of WUFO and Power 95,

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Buffalo is one legal step away from having a law requiring police officers to intervene if another officer starts using too much force against someone being arrested. This "duty to intervene" is detailed in Cariol's Law.

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Buffalo Common Councilmember Joel Feroleto has tested positive for COVID-19.

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The Buffalo City Council has begun studying where the name of President Millard Fillmore could be removed from city property, as part of what Council President Darius Pridgen says could be a real conversation on race.

"I am very pleased that it happened," said Pridgen, of recent protests that generate a wider dialogue on race in Buffalo and across the United States.

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Buffalo's Common Council President is welcoming the University at Buffalo's decision to remove the names of Millard Fillmore and two others from its campus buildings and roadways. WBFO asked Darius Pridgen: would he consider the same for buildings or streets within the City of Buffalo?

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Around five times a year, the City of Buffalo's Human Resources staffers receive a tip that a city employee whose paperwork says that person lives in the city really doesn't. There is a private detective for that.

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The old fight about a residency requirement for Buffalo Police officers is surfacing again, because local activists are demanding it and Albany is looking at legislation allowing the city to mandate that officers live in the city.

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Buffalo Common Council President Darius Pridgen proposed a resolution this week to rename a street or section of the city in honor of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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A state Assemblymember, an estimated 70 pastors and church leaders, and at least 100 supporters gathered outside a Hamburg church, where they demanded Gov. Andrew Cuomo consider places of worship as essential institutions and reopen them.

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Buffalo Common Council members say price gouging is becoming a problem as the city deals with the COVID-19 pandemic. During Tuesday's online session, they shared reports of $4 for a stick of butter and $30 for hand sanitizer.

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How do you hold a legally mandated public hearing when the public isn't allowed in City Hall or any other public place? It's a question that Buffalo Common Council members are grappling with.

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With over 400 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Erie County, the presence of the virus is threatening all segments of the local population. Now, it is touching a well-known religious leader and political figure. Common Council President Darius Pridgen took to Facebook Sunday to announce he had tested positive.

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Buffalo's Common Council cleared the way Tuesday for reviving a former health insurance office building, by selling a city-owned parking lot to a developer.

Should body camera footage of an officer-involved shooting be released to the public by the Buffalo Police Department? It's a question that doesn't have a black and white answer among Common Council members.

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Ellicott District representative Darius Pridgen will continue to lead Buffalo’s Common Council as president in 2020.

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Buffalo Common Council members are blasting local utilities for the way they treat the public and customers when doing projects.

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Tuesday afternoon, Buffalo Common Councilmembers will be asked to approve a moratorium on demolitions on city-owned property along the Michigan Avenue African American Heritage Corridor.

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The issue of bad out-of-town slumlords is surfacing again, with two alleged drug houses on Fillmore Avenue in Buffalo.

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Leaders from across the City of Buffalo celebrated the dedication of the African-American Heritage Corridor Archway on Michigan Avenue on Monday. The archway is located between William Street and Broadway, a significant stretch of African American history in Buffalo.

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With work starting on a 201-unit affordable housing complex on Ellicott Street, Common Council President Pridgen says this isn't the time to ease the pressure for such housing.

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City leaders are taking a hard look at the booting of vehicles and the claimed bad activity of one local company.

Buffalo's Common Council is starting a probe of a local company contracted to "boot" cars parked illegally in private parking lots.

City of Buffalo

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown has unveiled his $509 million spending plan for the fiscal year starting July 1.

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The way may be open for developer TM Montante to re-start its plan to build and re-build on the old Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital site in Buffalo. After weeks of backroom talking and maneuvering, the Common Council on Tuesday approved a little-used designation for the site as "blighted," clearing the way for new financing for the developer.

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A new way to finance TM Montante's Gates Circle development plans moved a step closer to fruition Tuesday as the Common Council Legislation Committee sent a proposal to the full Council, without recommendation.

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Badr Elwaseem was buried in Hamburg Monday, 12 years after his birth. Who killed him on Saturday is the focus of an intense investigation. Buffalo and other officials went door-to-door distributing leaflets asking the public for help on who killed the School 45 student.

M&T Bank

M&T Bank is donating cash to the City of Buffalo to help the city collect money it is owed.