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Chris Collins' departure from Congress has opened the door to Washington for an aspiring politician. Several have already announced their candidacies for the 27th district, which covers a large, mostly-rural portion of Upstate New York. For those looking to understand the complexities of the district, Batavia may be a good place to start, so says Howard Owens of The Batavian. Owens' message that Batavia sits at "the heart" of the district seems to be making an impact. State Senator Rob Ortt announced his candidacy in front of city hall and two others--State Senator Chris Jacobs and Grand Island Supervisor Nate McMurray--have sat down for extensive interviews with Owens.

Michael Mroziak, WBFO

Western New York native and Medal of Honor recipient David Bellavia is enjoying a break from frequent touring this summer to promote life in the military. But that doesn't necessarily mean he has spent any precious free time thinking about a run for Congress, something many are hoping he'll consider.

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As contenders put their hat into the ring and rumors continue to swirl in regard to the 27th Congressional District election in 2020, one candidate rumored to make a run at it is staying pat.

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A new website launched Tuesday morning is encouraging local Medal of Honor recipient David Bellavia to run for Congress. Bellavia previously ran for New York’s 27th congressional seat in 2012, but does this mean another run in 2020 is on the horizon?

Orleans County native David Bellavia was presented with the Medal of Honor in a White House ceremony Tuesday.

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Following his first public statement about his forthcoming Medal of Honor ceremony at the White House, Iraq War veteran David Bellavia spoke one-on-one with WBFO Radio about his pending decoration, putting his memoirs into writing and the qualities he believes makes an ideal citizen.

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He will become the first living Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran to receive the Medal of Honor later this month. Former Army Staff Sergeant David Bellavia, a Lyndonville native, will receive the honor from President Donald Trump during a White House ceremony June 25. On Tuesday, he met with local media to discuss an honor he considers a tribute not to him exclusively, but to his many comrades.

Federal primary day in Western New York includes the Republican primary in the newly redrawn 27th Congressman District.

Former Erie County Executive Chris Collins facing David Bellavia, a former Iraq War veteran.

The winner of Tuesday’s primary will run against democratic incumbent Kathy Hochul this November. 

Polls close at 9 p.m.  For up to the minute results, you can log onto the Erie County Board of Elections.

Two very different Republicans are on the ballot Tuesday, as the party seeks to push Representative Kathy Hochul out of Washington.

Chris Collins is well known in the most populated parts of the congressional district as former Erie County executive while David Bellavia is from the more rural parts of the district where he's best known as a combat soldier and writer.

Hochul slid into the seat after Representative Chris Lee resigned in a scandal over pictures of himself he put into social media.

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The race for the Republican nod in the 27th Congressional District election is heating up, and the challengers are ponying up their own money.

David Bellavia has loaned $45,000 to his campaign, while Chris Collins, with deeper pockets, has loaned his effort $250,000.

The primary election looms on June 26th, and Collins suggests that the real fund raising will begin after the winner of that vote is announced.

Bellavia addresses finance questions

Apr 27, 2012

Republican Congressional candidate David Bellavia is answering questions regarding his personal finances.

According to the Buffalo News, public records show Bellavia was late in paying school taxes and water and sewer fees on his residence in Batavia.

Bellavia has acknowledged the late payments, but points out that in each case penalties and interest charges were paid in full.

It was recently revealed that Bellavia's campaign has been scrutinized by the Federal Elections Commission for failing to explain certain expenditures.

Bellavia campaign finances face questions

Apr 23, 2012

Finance questions are going unanswered inside the Congressional campaign of Republican David Bellavia.

Best known for his service in the Iraq War and previous unsuccessful runs for office, Bellavia is on pace to meet Chris Collins in a Republican Congressional primary for the chance to face Kathy Hochul in November.

According to the Buffalo News, the Federal Elections Commission has questioned four separate issues in Bellavia campaign finances, but have yet to receive satisfactory responses.

Maziarz endorses Bellavia over Collins

Apr 3, 2012
WBFO News photo by Mark Leitner

Political lines are being drawn as the Republican candidates battle for their party's nomination in New York's 27th Congressional district.

State Senator George Maziarz is endorsing Iraq War veteran David Bellavia, bypassing the better-financed candidacy of former Erie County Executive Chris Collins.

The move follows the endorsement of the Orleans County Republican Party, which is also backing Bellavia.

The Buffalo News is reporting that three-time Congressional candidate Jack Davis is providing financial support to Bellavia's campaign.