Diocese of Buffalo

Diocese of Buffalo

The Diocese of Buffalo has announced the appointment of Steven Halter as its new director of professional responsibillity. Halter's duties will include investigating complaints of clergy or employee sexual abuse and misconduct.

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The Rev. Robert Yetter has resigned as pastor of St. Mary's Church in Swormville after allegations of abuse have surfaced.

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A busload of Western New Yorkers are on their way to Albany Monday morning. They will be demonstrating in the lobby of the state Legislative Building, as lawmakers consider the latest "Medical Aid in Dying" bill.

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A local man is going public with claims of being sexually abused as a teenager by a Catholic priest employed by the Diocese of Buffalo.    

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A former Catholic priest who now leads a sexual abuse advocacy group says the list released Tuesday by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo is incomplete and fails to address deeper issues with sexual abuse among clergy. Bishop Richard Malone, meanwhile, explained why he released names only and clarified the church's stance on the proposed Child Victims Act.

Michael Mroziak, WBFO

On the same day the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo released a list of 42 clergy accused of sexually abusing minors, a childhood sex abuse victim - himself allegedly abused by a now-deceased priest - shared his experience of coming to terms and reaching out for help.

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Two Western New Yorkers are calling on Pope Francis to investigate their cases of sexual abuse against the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo.

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In recent weeks a television commercial has surfaced featuring the top leader of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York.  The 30-second message targets Governor Andrew Cuomo.  In this Focus on Education report -- WBFO'S Eileen Buckley says Cardinal Timothy Dolan is publicly lobbying Cuomo for the Education Investment Tax Credit. 

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The Diocese of Buffalo's 90th annual Catholic Charities Appeal has collected over $7.9 million of its $10.8 million goal, officials said Tuesday.

After a lengthy review process, the Diocese of Buffalo is going to announce big changes this week for its Catholic Elementary Schools in what is being called a "School Revitalization Plan."

The Diocese of Buffalo ordained its first married priest on Saturday.

Buffalo Diocese will lose another elementary school

Mar 14, 2012

Saint Margaret's School, a North Buffalo institution for nearly a century, will be closing its doors in June.

Like so many parochial schools previously, the Hertel Avenue school cites declining enrollment as it ends an era of Catholic primary education.

The Catholic Diocese reports that despite "aggressive efforts" to boost its numbers, only 60 students are registered for the fall semester.

In 1965, Saint Margaret's enrollment peaked at 647.

Changes to Catholic mass

Nov 2, 2011

  The Catholic Church will be rolling out some changes to its prayer books, or missals, at the end of this month.  The church wants to strengthen the text Catholics will hear at mass by retranslating some words and phrases from Latin.

  This is the first implementation of changes to the prayer books since the 1970's.  WBFO's Sharon Osorio spoke with a priest and a parishioner about the revisions.