Erie County Clerk Michael Kearns is introducing a new procedure for motorists who need to surrender vehicle license plates for insurance purposes.

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Erie County Clerk Michael Kearns is asking county residents to avoid going to any of the county's auto bureaus unless it is for urgent or absolutely necessary business, and certainly do not go if you are sick. The precaution is due to the coronavirus.

ICE chief slams New York's Green Light Law

Feb 21, 2020
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The acting head of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement made a stop in the Capital Region today to take a stand against a New York law that prevents immigration officers from accessing state motor vehicle information. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo dismissed the press conference as political theater.

A spokesman for Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday that a plan to charge up to $45 to replace license plates more than 10 years old is no longer going forward.

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Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns does not think the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) adequately informed the public of documentation requirements for applying for Enhanced Driver License IDs.

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New York's Court of Appeals has upheld a state law that allows for permanent suspension of drivers licenses for repeat drunk drivers.

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York state's new online Department of Motor Vehicles system is proving to be a big hit. The state says New Yorkers have used the system to make more than 1.4 million DMV reservations since it went online in 2013.

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Transportation companies looking to hire new workers are hitting roadblocks at the state DMV. Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs says the wait time for a Commercial Driver License road test can be as long as three months.

Park tragedy prompts call for DMV reform

Jun 26, 2015
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Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs is pushing to close a serious loophole in drivers license regulations that could pose a danger to the public.

Erie County Auto Bureau to offer online reservations

Sep 25, 2014
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Motorists could experience minimal wait times with a new auto bureau reservation system. Erie County launched the online check-in system at several auto bureau locations Thursday.

Members of the region's state delegation are trying to derail plans to have New York's driver licenses made in Canada. The Department of Motor Vehicles is ready to give its business to the highest bidder, which would cost residents millions of dollars.