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The Family Justice Center of Erie County will dedicate its new permanent satellite office on Grand Island Saturday -- and it is expected to be busy when fully open by September.

An apparent domestic violence incident turned into a double murder-suicide early Thursday morning in Buffalo.

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Two local groups are sharing $150,000 in state cash to help counter the rise in domestic violence cases during the pandemic.

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In a year when New York state faces a $15 billion budget deficit and a greater demand for basic services, advocates for survivors of domestic violence say they are pleased that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is also prioritizing their concerns.

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New York State has a free program that protects the location information of domestic violence survivors. This week, it expanded to allow any victim of domestic violence, stalking, sexual offenses or human trafficking to apply online.

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As October approaches, stories about domestic violence will be plentiful in the news. National Domestic Violence Awareness Month is a time to talk about, and take action against, the crime that affects 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men in the United States. But along the Niagara River in the Town of Tonawanda is a living remembrance available every day.

Center for Hope

While most businesses are worried about surviving the COVID-19 pandemic, attorney, social worker and Buffalo School Board member Hope Jay has started a new business helping survivors of abusive relationships. But not just any abuse, "narcissistic abuse."

A Buffalo man has been sentenced to 70 years in prison on 14 felony domestic violence counts.

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The Erie County District Attorney says since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic and the stay-at-home orders which have come with it, overall crime is down with the exception of domestic violence.

Being cooped up at home is having a negative effect on some families, with law enforcers seeing a notable increase in domestic violence in recent weeks.

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Niagara County officials report an uptick in domestic abuse cases, and they believe the stress brought on by living under the restrictions imposed under the COVID-19 pandemic are playing a part. The District Attorney is also reminding victims that even under the extraordinary circumstances, help has not gone away.

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Calls to the Willow Domestic Violence Center's hotline spiked on Friday and again on Monday. Over 40 calls came in Monday. That’s more than double the usual rate.

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The Western New York Women's Foundation says the COVID-19 pandemic is especially disrupting the lives of women, and "bringing to the forefront the gender inequalities that impact women's lives every day." The Foundation and other advocacy groups have issued a call to Governor Cuomo and other state leaders to recognize these inequalities, as they decide issues like paid sick leave and accessible childcare. WBFO's Marian Hetherly talked about this with Corey Fabian-Barrett, Director of External Affairs for the Western New York Women's Foundation.

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As Western New Yorkers start a new year, one trend Erie County District Attorney John Flynn hopes stays behind with 2019 is increasing fatal domestic violence.


Last Thursday in Wayne County, Everardo Donoteo-Reyes was sentenced to 20 years in state prison and five years probation for the murder of his girlfriend Selena Hidalogo-Calderon and her infant son, Owen. Both Calderon and Reyes were undocumented immigrants. While their families and communy continue to grieve, soon a contested new law could help undocumented domestic violence victims get to safety.

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Wednesday marks 25 years since the murders of Nicole Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. Nicole was a longtime victim of domestic violence by her husband, Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame running back O.J. Simpson. So as this anniversary approached, producers Renee Sotile and Mary Jo Godges released a call-to-action video entitled "I Remember Nicole," much of it filmed in Western New York. They talked again with WBFO's Marian Hetherly from California.

"I Remember Nicole"

It may be hard to believe, but it has been 25 years since the murder of Nicole Simpson, a longtime victim of domestic violence by her husband, Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame running back O.J. Simpson. A music video - with Western New York roots - has been produced as a call-to-action anthem, marking the anniversary.

New York State Office of Victim Services

New state legislation expanding benefits for New York crime victims is now in effect.

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Police in Hamburg are investigating an apparent murder-suicide involving a young couple.

City of Tonawanda Police

A City of Tonawanda couple are in the Erie County Medical Center Burn Unit Tuesday after what police say was a domestic dispute.


Starting a conversation with a loved one you see in an abusive relationship is a difficult task. It can be even harder when that loved one is young. That’s why the Family Justice Center is launching a new campaign to help provide resources guiding adults who are looking to help teenagers in abusive relationships.

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A former Erie County Sheriff's deputy has been sentenced in Erie County Court to five years in prison, plus three years of post-release supervision, for his role in assaulting the mother of his youngest child.

Child Advocacy Center of Niagara

More than 200 professionals from criminal justice, child welfare, victim advocacy, mental health and education are expected at Tuesday's 20th Annual Family Violence Conference in Niagara Falls.  The goal is to share best practices for minimizing trauma suffered by survivors and families.

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Agencies working to protect victims of domestic violence in Erie County are gaining financial support with a grant from the federal government.

A former corrections officer has pleaded guilty to attempting to fatally stab his ex-girlfriend.

Town of Cheektowaga

Cheektowaga Town Councilman James Rogowski has pleaded guilty to violating a no-contact order of protection.

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Victims of domestic abuse have to confront a wide range of emotions when they seek help. And those emotions can intensify when they take the first steps to prosecute an abuser. But Buffalo-area groups like the Family Justice Center can provide support. WBFO’s Nancy Fischer has more about the center and its expansion plans.

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It was emotional for immigrants’ rights advocates to talk about a family they knew well. Supporters of the family of Selena Hidalgo-Calderon, an undocumented farm worker found dead on a farm in Wayne County last month, met with reporters Tuesday.

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Seven female Republican state senators say some good could come out of the fall of former New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

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New legislation is advancing through Albany to help victims of domestic violence escape unhealthy relationships.