dr.pamela brown

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Buffalo schools are committing to a long court fight with the Buffalo Teachers Federation over involuntary transfers of 54 teachers out of three of the city's academically worst schools.

After a closed-door session with lawyers, the board says it will appeal an arbitrator's ruling the district violated the union contract in the way it chose teachers to be transferred out of Schools 33, 37 and 59.

The arbitrator ordered them sent back to the schools.

Buffalo's Latino community leaders turned out yesterday to welcome new Schools Superintendent Pamela Brown, welcoming a school leader who speaks Spanish and has taught in Spanish.

They hope she can invigorate a bilingual education program involving 5,000 students and a constantly-increasing array of languages spoken by city students.

As the immigrant population grows, it's believed  as many as 70 languages are spoken in city schools.

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The Buffalo School Board doesn't wish to wait for its new superintendent to get started so they're willing to pay to jump start the process.

Amber Dixon has been interim almost since James Williams retired last year.

She lost out in the search for a replacement to Pamela Brown who has been tentatively hired as superintendent.

To get the job, the probable new superintendent needs a variety of approvals from Albany and an employment contract which will set all of the terms and conditions of the new job.