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In a summer of incredible violence, an advisory board to the Council's Police Oversight Committee heard calls last night for change.

One charge dropped for man who caused school lockdown

Mar 27, 2014

A Buffalo man facing charges in connection with carrying a loaded gun into the Harvey Austin Elementary School on Sycamore Street school last month has had the most serious of three charges against him dropped.

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The man arrested for carrying a loaded gun in Harvey Austin School Thursday had "no ill intent," according Buffalo Schools Police Chief Kevin Brinkworth.

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Harvey Austin School on Sycamore Avenue was in lockdown late Thursday afternoon following a report of an individual with a gun near or on the school grounds. Some children were there at the time as part of an after-school program.

The murders of two young people in December led to a meeting Monday in the offices of the Erie County Legislature under the new Buffalo Safe Neighborhoods Initiative Committee.