Gov. Andrew Cuomo has directed New York State Police to increase patrols around churches and houses of worship across the state in the wake of the bombings that killed nearly 300 people in Sri Lanka at churches and hotels. Hundreds more were injured.

Christians around the world gathered on Sunday to mark the end of Holy Week and celebrate Easter.

Festivities took on many forms. While some worshippers reenacted the Passion of the Christ, others gathered for candlelit services or colorful processions.

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In the days leading up to Easter, thousands of Western New Yorkers will travel to the Broadway Market to pick up supplies for their celebrations. There, shoppers can buy everything from pierogies and polish sausage, to unique items such as butter lambs.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo spent Sunday celebrating Easter with hundreds of New Yorkers at the Governor’s Mansion in Albany. It’s part of a new tradition Cuomo aims to make it an annual one, replacing the long-running New Year’s Open House.

Pussy willows are a symbol of Easter

Mar 27, 2016

Christians are gathering this Easter Sunday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter marks one of the holiest day on the Christian calendar. Spring flowers are a symbol of the Easter season and as WBFO's Eileen Buckley reports so is the Pussy Willow and a Polish tradition.

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Dancers, dignitaries and shoppers gathered inside The Broadway Market Friday to mark the official launch of the Easter shopping season at the Buffalo landmark.

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Like many holidays, Easter comes with its share of unhealthy activities, from big family meals, to lots of sweet treats. But on the lawn of the White House, on Monday, one UB faculty member is joining a team that aims to change that.

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Twelve Episcopal Bishops from around the country are headed to Cuba on Tuesday, in an effort to redevelop relations between the church’s dioceses, and continue the expansion of U.S.-Cuban relations. Western New York’s Bishop R. William Franklin will be among them.

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Shoppers were lined up outside the doors of the Broadway Market Friday morning to carry on an Easter tradition in Buffalo.

The prevailing colors yesterday on Buffalo's East Side were red and white, under a hazy blue sky.


Shoppers by the thousands are stopping by Buffalo's venerable Broadway Market today. 

Good Friday is traditionally the busiest day of the year for market vendors.  The stands selling meats, baked goods, and butter lambs are the most popular, but there are also some new vendors who say they're enjoying some success.