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An agreement on a new spending budget for New York State was reached on Saturday.

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A federal judge has fined Tonawanda Coke $12.5 million dollars for violating the Clean Air Act the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.


Environmental activist Annie Leonard, who created the popular animated documentary "The Story of Stuff," brings her message of sustainability to Buffalo Tuesday night. 

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A large crowd of neighbors to the Tonawanda Coke plant were told Monday night there needs to be more testing for pollutants in the soil and water around the plant. When the company is sentenced March 19, the judge is being asked to order a $700,000 study.

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Local environmental activists are calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to "move away from dirty and dangerous fossil fuels" in order to meet goals contained in a state energy plan.

Some of the Canadian government's fiercest critics say they are being targeted.  The Canada Revenue Agency is auditing more than half a dozen environmental groups to see if they are complying with guidelines that limit political advocacy.

A major research initiative is being launched by the University at Buffalo to tackle some of the world's biggest environmental challenges.

A former acting state environmental conservation commissioner will soon lead one of the state's leading environmental groups. 

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Several local groups are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the New York State Environmental Protection Fund.

EPA outlines plan for contaminated Lockport creek

Aug 14, 2013
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The Environmental Protection Agency held a public meeting in Lockport Tuesday night to alert residents of plans to clean up Eighteenmile Creek.

Monday night brought the TV premiere of Gasland II, a sequel to the original anti-hydrofracking movie. In New York, where Governor Cuomo’s decision on fracking is still on hold, both opponents and supporters of fracking say the films have helped frame the debate.

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Tonawanda Coke faces up to $200 million in fines when the company and its environmental manager are sentenced in September and residents in the areas affected by the company's pollution want a say in where that money goes.

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A major effort is underway to get any citizen who was affected by pollution from Tonawanda Coke to issue an impact statement in court.

The New York State Assembly voted by 95 to 40 Wednesday to ban hydrofracking in New York for at least another two years.

Push Buffalo offers Push Green

Jan 16, 2012
PUSH Buffalo

A community organization that fights for affordable housing is unveiling a new energy efficiency program.

PUSH Buffalo is launching PUSH Green.

Scaling up residential energy efficiency is part of this new statewide initiative -- PUSH Green is designed to help homeowners by reducing energy usage and cost.

Clarke Gocker is a Green Jobs -- Green New York project manager.  He said residents in Erie County will be able to apply for a loan program offered by NYSERTA.

Important lessons in sustainable "green" building

Nov 17, 2011
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Important lessons in sustainable "green" building are being taught all day Thursday at the Buffalo Niagara Marriott in Amherst, NY.

Builders, architects, engineers and others are gathering for the latest "Business of Energy" conference sponsored by the University at Buffalo.  The conference is helping businesses compete by sharing the best practices in sustainable "green" building.