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Pay gap for women even wider when race factored in

Aug 8, 2018
Equal Pay for All

Each year, Aug. 7 is observed as Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. It is the date in 2018 when a black woman catches up to what the average white, non-Hispanic man already earned by the end of 2017. In general, women make $0.80 to every $1 a man makes, but when analyzing race as well as gender, the gaps widen.

Michael Mroziak, WBFO

Erie County Government is observing All Women's Equal Pay Day, a day marked to raise awareness of ongoing gaps in pay between women and men. Elected leaders are marking the day by urging support for a statewide ban on wage-history discrimination.

It has been talked about for a while -- how asking job candidates about their past salary can influence how much future employers will pay. Now Gov. Andrew Cuomo is taking more action on it.

Heritage Moments: The Buffalo congresswoman and the fight for equal pay

Feb 26, 2018
Library of Congress

The World War II homefront was a special time and place for American women. With some 16 million men off to fight in Europe, North Africa and the Pacific, the war effort at home depended on women, who rolled up their sleeves and went to work in factories in unprecedented numbers — a mighty army of Rosie the Riveters. For the first time, the societal strictures that tethered women to unpaid work at home were loosening — and yet it was understood that when the men returned, the women would go back to being second-class citizens.

Michael Mroziak, WBFO

It's a long-known truth that women and men who work the same job do not bring home the same amount of pay. Local women's advocates provided updated statistics on Thursday that show the gap remains wide for all women, but is worse for women of color. And women's groups say the inequality hurts not just the women but families and the entire economy.

Lian Bunny

Mayor Byron Brown is gaining support for his Buffalo Opportunity Pledge initiative. About 40 Leadership Buffalo members met at City Hall Wednesday to witness signing ceremonies involving Brown and Althea Leuhrsen, Leadership Buffalo’s CEO.

Poloncarz calls on IDA to address wage inequality

Apr 8, 2014
Ashley Hirtzel / WBFO News

Officials in Erie County observed National Equal Pay Day Tuesday. The symbolic day aims to draw attention to the issue of income inequality between working men and women.

Women's groups rally support for Equality Act

Apr 4, 2013

Women's coalitions held news conference all across New York State Thursday urging support for Governor Cuomo's Women's Equality Act.