Erie County DA John Flynn

Thomas O'Neil-White

In early January 1976, 62-year-old William Crawford was robbed and murdered after leaving a tavern on Buffalo’s East Side. The alleged assailants, five teenagers, were arrested and three were convicted of murder and spent a combined total of 84 years in prison despite pleading their innocence. 

A Town of West Seneca Police officer is accused of official misconduct, for allegedly engaging in a sexual relationship with a domestic violence victim whose case he previously investigated.

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A Town of Tonawanda man originally charged with manslaughter in the death of his wife now faces a second degree murder charge in the case.

Michael Mroziak, WBFO

A suspended Erie County sheriff's deputy appeared in Lancaster Town Court Tuesday, arraigned in connection with a prostitution case involving his wife.

A few weeks ago, a dog now known as Charlie was found inside a frigid garbage tote. Crimes like that across the state will see increased attention moving forward.  The District Attorney’s Association of New York is setting up a subcommittee in hopes to prevent and prosecute crimes against animals.

Will changes in state law help young offenders?

Oct 2, 2018

A law designed to keep some teenagers out of the adult criminal justice system is now in effect in New York state.

A 94-year-old man has been charged with attempted murder for shooting inside an assisted living facility.

Cuomo warns ICE over recent raids

Apr 27, 2018
File photo: Chris Caya WBFO News

Following the recent arrest of 225 people across New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo is warning that the state will take legal action to stop the raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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This week marks National Crime Victims Week and the Erie County District Attorney is marking the occasion to spotlight the assistance available to crime victims through his office's Victim/Witness Bureau. 

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Oral arguments in a case against suspended Buffalo Police Officer Joseph Hassett are set to begin next month.

Bike owners urged to protect their rides

Jun 16, 2017
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With the arrival of warmer weather - more people are out riding their bicycles. And also losing them to theft. So local law enforcement and others are offering tips on how riders can protect their wheels.