Fair Fines and Fees Coalition

Thomas O'Neil-White

Fifteen local and national social justice groups, under the Fair Fines and Fees Coalition moniker, on Monday submitted a letter to the office of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, detailing concerns they have with the city’s budget proposal for the fiscal year 2020-2021.

Black Love Resists in the Rust

Five more plaintiffs have joined a federal lawsuit claiming the City of Buffalo and its police department are engaging in discriminatory practices regarding checkpoints and traffic tickets.

Thomas O'Neil-White

A local coalition is petitioning the City of Buffalo to pull back the reins on traffic and parking ticketing after finding the city is still aggressively impounding cars.


In an effort to change ticketing policies that target lower income communities, two local advocacy groups created a webpage to collect data on traffic stops in the City of Buffalo.

Thomas O'Neil-White

A campaign advocating for a more equitable way to pay driving tickets and avoiding license suspensions kicked off Tuesday all across the country. The Free to Drive Campaign began with an event in Washington, D.C. while similar events happened across New York State.