Fall Foliage

Larry Master, Keene, NY

You could argue the point, but you probably wouldn't win - leaf season is the best time of year in the North Country. Everything everywhere is gorgeous. The weather is cool, the bugs are mostly gone and it's still daylight for roughly half the day. It's enough to make even a curmudgeon crack a smile. Many more Photo of the Day contributions can be found here.

Adirondack Regional Tourism Council

A hot and humid end of summer could result in dampened fall colors in parts of New York this fall.

Elizabeth Licata

Country drives may be a little duller this fall. The recent return of summer-like weather may put a damper on colorful autumn foliage across the region.

The typically brilliant colors of fall may soon become the latest casualty of the severe drought affecting Rochester and other parts of Western and Central New York.

Plants cool when water evaporates from their leaves. When there is little or no rain, that process shuts down.

The Ellicottville Fall Festival begins this Friday.  Kids always enjoy the fun at Pumpkinville in Great Valley or the Great Pumpkin Farm in Clarence.  And there are any number of Octoberfest celebrations.  It's all part of fall in Western New York.