Federal Government shutdown


Buffalo residents are reacting to President Trump’s announcement of a temporary deal to restore operations of the federal government.


An organization which reaches out to hungry individuals is now getting involved with connecting furloughed federal workers to help amidst an ongoing partial government shutdown. It is just one of many new gestures Friday, as affected federal workers miss a second scheduled paycheck.


U.S. Coast Guard personnel, including those stationed in Buffalo and at Fort Niagara, are among those continuing to work without pay amidst a lingering partial federal government shutdown. A pantry has been set up to assist them with basic needs, while the shutdown stalemate in Washington, DC continues.

Airbnb has about 60,000 hosts in New York. According to an internal survey from the company, five percent of them are made up of federal employees. With the government shutdown going on four weeks, Airbnb is announcing a new program that will help give extra cash to furloughed workers or ones without pay.

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U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer is using the nationwide shingles vaccine shortage as another example of why the federal government needs to get back to work. He spoke at a New York pharmacy to demonstrate the extent of the shutdown, which is now nearly a month old.


There are over 100,000 federal employees in New York State. Ones impacted by the government shutdown may have the option to apply for unemployment insurance. Not many have so far. WBFO’s Nick Lippa reports.

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When Democrats formally assume control of leadership in the House of Representatives, they're expected to push for passage of House rule changes. A Western New York Republican said in his weekly conference call Wednesday that he will support those changes.

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Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo was already dealing with cuts of millions of federal dollars because of the sequester and now it potentially faces a loss of millions more with the government shutdown.

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The federal government shutdown has idled a few hundred federal workers in Buffalo. WBFO's Eileen Buckley says the National Parks Service also closed the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site on Delaware Avenue.