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The coronavirus has shut down the world with jobs lost and doors shuttered, including the film industry. In recent years in Western New York, we have seen the rise of an industry that many never expected to thrive here—film making.  With the arrival of the pandemic, what happens next?  No one knows, but Buffalo Niagara Film Commissioner Tim Clark has some thoughts.

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The film industry in Western New York, like most other businesses, has been shut down because of COVID-19. On this week's Press Pass, Buffalo Niagara Film Commissioner Tim Clark talks with WBFO’s Pat Feldballe about the state of things, proactive efforts to aid the cause by members of the film community, and a suggestion for a movie available on streaming services made here in Buffalo.

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The changes in the workplace in the 21st century are many. We’re in a gig economy populated by freelancers and technology lets us work from home, automate processes, and create and market the written word, video and music on our own.  So what factor is helping to grow the film industry in Western New York while also managing costs? Good old-fashioned unionized workers. Buffalo Niagara Film Commissioner Tim Clark explains to WBFO’s Pat Feldballe on this week's Press Pass.

The emerging film industry in Western New York is just one example of the efforts being made by film commissions around the world to induce major film producers to do business in their locations. For this week's Press Pass, WBFO’s Pat Feldballe spoke with Buffalo Niagara Film Commissioner Tim Clark about his recent trip to Los Angeles, his involvement in the Organization of Film Commissioners International, and Western New York’s rising profile in the eyes of major west coast film producers.

Continuing the momentum of recent years, 2018 is expected to be a busy year for the film industry in Western New York. With that activity comes a need for undiscovered locations that could serve as the backdrops for those films. Pat Feldballe and Film Commissioner Tim Clark talk about how you can get involved in this week's edition of WBFO's Press Pass.

The Buffalo Connection: Rob Lieberman

Feb 6, 2017
Private Eyes / Global Television Network

Tim O’Shei of The Buffalo News has been traveling around the country visiting Western New Yorkers who’ve made it to the highest levels of show business and pop culture. Sunday's paper included his latest feature, with a profile of Buffalo native Rob Lieberman, who became one of the most successful commercial directors in the world, and is still hard at work filming television and movies.

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2016 was a big year for film in Western New York. WBFO Blues host Pat Feldballe speaks with Buffalo Niagara Film Commissioner Tim Clark about "Marshall" and more on this week's edition of Press Pass.