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With COVID-19 cases rising across the country, health officials are warning of a compounding flu season and urging Americans to get their flu vaccination. So while you may not need another reason to get your shot this year, some new research has found it may also lower your risk for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. 



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Erie County officials received the influenza vaccine Wednesday in an effort to encourage residents to do the same.


Imagine if the flu was about as common as diphtheria, measles or other relatively rare viruses. Researchers say if a universal vaccine being tested right now does what they hope it will, people would be able to get a flu shot that protects against any form of influenza.

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Not feeling well? Maybe with a fever and a tummy that doesn't feel good? You may have joined this year's early flu season.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared a Public Health emergency for all of New York State in repsonse to a severe flu season.

The push is on for flu vaccinations.

Erie County Health Commissioner Doctor Gale Burstein says now is a good time to have your flu shot and possibly a pneumonia vaccination also. She suggests talking to your doctor about what you may need.

The health commissioner says earlier is better because there are several new strains of flu in the shot for which is there is no past immunity and the body needs time to adjust.

There are a variety of ways to get a shot this year, including the nasal spray vaccination.