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If you drive around Buffalo's Fruit Belt, you dodge bad street repairs and sink holes. However, City Hall seems to be getting serious about what is happening.

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Everyone in Western New York and Southern Ontario knows we get potholes in the streets and, probably this year, more than most years. Buffalo's Fruit Belt streets are also afflicted with sinkholes, and a whole lot of them.

A Buffalo woman has been found guilty of stabbing her mother to death.

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As the Buffalo Common Council reconvened after summer break Tuesday, a coalition of community activists, organized labor and city residents took to the steps of City Hall to unveil their vision for a more equitable and inclusive Queen City.

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It is a small area of grass and trees just off the Kensington Expressway on Mulberry Street. A community leader sees it as a way to help turn around a community riven by violence.

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In response to an increase in violent crimes within the City of Buffalo, most notably multiple shootings in the Fruit Belt neighborhood last month, Buffalo Police have revisited tactics similar to its former controversial Strike Force initiative. Police officials say it's worked quite well in recent days.

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Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown urged the public to provide information that will help police investigating a double shooting on Grape Street, in front of the same location where a woman and her grandson were fatally gunned down earlier this month. 

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Buffalo Police say two more men were struck by gunfire on Grape Street, in the city's Fruit Belt, Thursday about 9:30 p.m. in what appears to be a "targeted" attack.

Buffalo Police say two people have died from a shooting overnight in the city's Fruit Belt.

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For many residents of Buffalo's Fruit Belt, recent years have been a battle, trying to save the community against the all-enveloping Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and developers. The neighborhood now has new weapons to save an old community.

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Buffalo's Fruit Belt has its master plan ready to deal with the avalanche effect of the burgeoning Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus next door, masses of vacant lots available for development and the desire of most residents to stay in the neighborhood.

Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus

The Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and the surrounding neighborhoods have their problems. Now the campus is putting some cash into 17 community organizations meeting an array of needs and opportunities.

Residents of Buffalo's Fruit Belt celebrated 99 years of history Saturday. But they also used the occasion to express their concerns about the neighborhood's future.

National Grid

Could solar energy reduce costs in economically-challenged neighborhoods? That is what National Grid is looking to find out.

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While the debate is over approval of the Green Code, Monday night's protest rally and then Common Council hearing show the over-arching plan for Buffalo's new zoning and development rules is subject to attack on the specifics.

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An outcry from Buffalo city residents has been heard by local politicians and lawmakers in Albany.

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With a parking ramp on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus about 60 percent demolished, the i's are being dotted and the t's crossed on a much larger replacement.

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Parking problems continue in the city's Fruit Belt as workers from the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus continue the hunt for free parking.

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More than 1,000 new parking spaces will be opening up soon on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. The city and the campus have agreed to replace an existing ramp near Buffalo General Hospital with a much larger facility.

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Parking around the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus is the cause of serious contention for residents of Buffalo’s Fruit Belt neighborhood. On campus, only 70 percent of the current parking spaces are used by campus employees. With 30 percent of space available, the question remains, “Why are people still parking in the Fruit Belt?”

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Residents of Buffalo's Fruit Belt neighborhood say as the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus has grown, so too has the issue of motorists invading their streets for free parking, at the expense of the people who live there.

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With only days or hours left in the State Legislature session, Buffalo is pushing for special legislation to allow parking permit zones.

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Ground-breaking is expected by the end of the summer for a new food market in Buffalo's Fruit Belt neighborhood that will specialize in fresh fruits and vegetables.  The city planning board signed off on the project Tuesday.

Bank funding business startups in medical campus area

May 15, 2014
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New loan money is being made available to help spur small businesses in and around the growing Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

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The City of Buffalo is investing $2.7 million into the Fruit Belt neighborhood. Mayor Byron Brown announced the funding during a Monday afternoon news conference at Carlton and Peach in front of Futures Academy in the heart of the neighborhood.

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The issue of the fate of the Trico complex on the edge of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus has now become mixed into the fight over how much say Fruit Belt residents should have in development in their neighborhood.

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The University at Buffalo may face some problems regarding its plans in the city because of strife over the way they are affecting residents of the Fruit Belt.

Saint John Baptist Church is being named "designated developer" for 50 city-owned lots in the Fruit Belt as it moves forward on a multi-million dollar plan to build 49 rental town houses.

They will be scattered across the community on the now-vacant lots.

It's part of a continuing expansion of Saint John and its affiliates, including a charter school, a planned second charter and the leafy McCarley Gardens housing complex which it plans to sell to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

However, there are critics of the plan.