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What apparently was a street beef nearly a year ago led to the death of a young Buffalo man. Erie County District Attorney John Flynn said the murder will now probably lead to heavy jail time.

Bennett forum explores consequences of gun violence

Apr 14, 2019
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Young people in Buffalo were encouraged Saturday to choose a different path when it comes to gun violence.

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The shootings of three young people, one fatally, outside a North Buffalo community center is prompting major changes in community center operations and dealing with kids with gang ties.

A leader of a notorious Buffalo gang has been sentenced to 40 years in federal prison on multiple charges of drug and weapons possession and distribution.

A member of a gang that specialized in robbing drug dealers in Buffalo has been sentenced to 50 years in federal prison.

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Hidden away on a short street in North Buffalo is a school, housing a successful adult education program. The school system says the building is old and tired and might be dangerous, so the program has to move - and that has precipitated a fight.

The U.S. Attorney calls him a "violent predator" and gang member, responsible for murder and drug dealing. Wednesday the predator was sentenced to nearly 30 years in prison.

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Several members of what is described as the most violent drug trafficking gang in Western New York have been taken off the streets.

More money is on its way from Albany to help combat violence on the streets of Buffalo.

Crackdown continues on gang activity

Apr 10, 2013
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More arrests were made Wednesday as local law enforcement officers continue their crackdown on gang activity in Buffalo.

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A federal grand jury has returned three superseding indictments as a result of the ongoing investigation into criminal gangs on Buffalo's East Side.