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Decrying the sorry state of salary and support for women's hockey, around 200 female players announced Thursday they won't play the game at the professional level across North America, until they get a league with "the resources that professional hockey demands and deserves."

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NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, speaking in Buffalo, said the league is complying with a judge's order by entering mediation with former players in a bid to settle a concussion lawsuit.

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A change to the NHL's protocol for goaltender interference reviews is happening quicker than expected.

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Hockey can be a brutal game. The injuries sustained on the ice can be life-altering, even life-ending. More attention than ever is now being paid to the effects of head injuries and concussions, on both the professional and youth levels.

Residential space in downtown Buffalo remains a hot commodity. Will that trend transfer into demand for a downtown grocery store? On WBFO's Press Pass, Jim Fink of Business First says city officials will get an indication Wednesday, the deadline for proposals to develop the property at 201 Ellicott Street.

Stalled labor talks threaten start of NHL season

Sep 13, 2012
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With the deadline less than three days away, there are growing signs an NHL lockout may be unavoidable.
No progress was made in New York yesterday when the league the players' union met for the first time in 12 days.
Although each side tabled an offer dealing with the major issue of money, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said there's ``very little movement, if any'' in the union's proposal.

Bettman meets in New York  with the league's Board of Governors Thursday afternoon.