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President Trump's would-be ban on transgender service members in the military has been blocked from going into effect for the foreseeable future.

A U.S. district judge in Washington, D.C., decided on Monday that trans members of the military have a strong case that the president's ban would violate their Fifth Amendment rights. Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly granted a preliminary injunction to keep the policy from going into effect while the court case moves forward.

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Canalside hosted an event Friday that mixed winter fun with an effort to promote diversity and inclusion.

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The early history of Buffalo’s gay and lesbian community is lost, mainly because same-sex affection was so thoroughly stigmatized by society at large. It was, in the famous phrase of the 19th century, the love that dare not speak its name. But luckily, the city’s later LGBTQ history is known to us – largely through the remarkable efforts of two scholars who reconstructed what queer life was like in Buffalo from the 1930s to the early ’60s.

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Today is a solemn day for members of Buffalo's LGBT community. Locally, it's the Transgender Day of Remembrance - a day set aside to memorialize people killed due to anti-transgender hatred and prejudice.

A pioneering gay activist is suggesting the Supreme Court decision allowing gay marriages across the country may be the easiest part of the struggle for gay civil rights.

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A child's lie, that destroys the lives of two school teachers, is now being performed on at the New Phoenix Theatre. Buffalo Public Theatre is staging 'The Children's Hour.' It is adapted from the original 1934 play, tackling the topic of gay rights. WBFO's Eileen Buckley sat down with director Loraine O'Donnell, who explains how same-sex issues still transcend 80+ years later.

You and the Law: Financial planning for gay couples

May 2, 2014

With the US Supreme Court throwing out the Defense of Marriage Act and New York State allowing same-sex marriage, it changes the financial plans of partners. Continuing our look at estate planning, in this previously aired You and the Law, attorney Mark Peszko talks with WBFO's Mike Desmond about changing financial planning for gay couples.

The U.S. Supreme Court throwing out the Defense of Marriage Act changes the legal status of gay couples in this country. On this week's edition of You & The Law, attorney Michael Serotte talks about the effect it has on immigration status.

Fighting for future rights for the LGBT community

Jul 5, 2013
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OUTspoken for Equality continues to fight for rights for the LGBT community. Although the same-sex couples recently celebrated a big win when the Supreme Court ruled that legally married same-sex couples will now receive the same federal benefits as heterosexual couples, OUTspoken Buffalo's leader says there are still battles ahead.

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Gay rights activists in Buffalo are celebrating Wednesday's Supreme Court decision declaring the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional.

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An openly gay member of the Jamestown City Council says he was thrilled to hear President Obama call for equal rights for gays in his inauguration speech.