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There did not appear to be any support for City of Buffalo plans for a massive change in property assessments during a crowded public meeting Thursday night.

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With Albany changing the rules on landlord and tenant relationships, Buffalo's tight housing market could be affected.

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Dozens of protesters Thursday said they will evict Council members and want to evict the Buffalo Niagara Partnership for its role in the area's power structure. The gathering began its call in City Hall before moving to the HealthNow building.

From gentrification to the city's underfunded schools, the second annual "State of OUR CITY" event addressed a number of issues impacting Buffalo. According to Harper Bishop, the 200 people attending  Wednesday's session at Asbury Hall shared a similar message: they "no longer want developers and power elites to run their city."

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In recent years, downtown Buffalo has become a housing hotspot for young professionals. High end housing and a myriad of food and entertainment options are causing more and more people to move closer to the city center each year. Specifically, Niagara Street has transformed from what some considered a rundown corridor to a destination.

Buffalo’s West Side is going through a change. With a surge of development taking place along the Niagara Street strip and the influx of higher-income residents, some longtime West Siders have been forced to find other places to live.

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Activists from several local community groups gathered at City Hall to relay a message to members of the Buffalo Common Council. They believe gentrification is showing itself in Buffalo's redevelopment and, unless the city implements and enforces inclusionary zoning, will eventually price longtime residents out of their homes.

Residents of Buffalo's Fruit Belt celebrated 99 years of history Saturday. But they also used the occasion to express their concerns about the neighborhood's future.

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The old statement in political campaigns is, 'Let's look at the record.' At Thursday night's Buffalo mayoral debate, Incumbent Mayor Byron Brown liked his record and challengers Mark Schroeder and Betty Jean Grant did not.