Independence Party

Tom Magnarelli / WRVO News

Several minor political parties in New York are in jeopardy of losing their spot on future election ballots in the state. Recent changes to the state’s election laws require that a party garner either 130,000 votes or 2% of the total votes cast, whichever is higher, to remain on the ballot.

Grisanti gets Independence endorsement

Feb 28, 2012
WBFO News photo by Ashley Hassett

Senator Mark Grisanti is receiving the backing of the New York State Independence Party.

This comes just days after the Conservative party announced their endorsement of Democrat Charles Swanick for the Senate seat Grisanti currently holds.

State Chairman of the Independence Party Frank McKay was in Buffalo Tuesday to announce the endorsement. McKay said even though it's unclear which district Grisanti will run for during the 2012 senate race the party will be standing behind him.