Jack O'Donnell

Provided by Karen DeWitt

When Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie earlier this month began an impeachment investigation of Gov. Andrew Cuomo over sexual harassment and other allegations, he was the first Speaker to do so in 108 years. In 1913, Gov. William Sulzer became the first and, so far, only governor in New York’s history to be removed from office by the Legislature. A Buffalo native well connected to New York State politics literally wrote the book about what happened over a century ago.

In all of New York's long history, only one governor was impeached and removed from office: William Sulzer. If the name doesn't mean much to you, author Jack O'Donnell has the book for you in Bitten By The Tiger. WBFO's Mike Desmond spoke with O'Donnell about his look at a century-old Albany power struggle.