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Parent leaders and the Buffalo Teachers Federation are criticizing Buffalo Public Schools for a lack of transparency and community feedback in the district’s process of developing reopening plans for this fall. The district posted a “working draft” plan on its website Friday night and has said “it’s not done until it’s done.”

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Whole child teams are in place in the Buffalo Public school district working to improve behavior among students. WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley says the issue of disruptive student behavior surfaced last week when the Buffalo Teachers Federation issued results of a student behavior survey.  

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The Buffalo school system's largest parents group says the proposed budget fails. During a meeting in Makowski School, the District Parent Coordinating Council voted "no confidence" regarding the budget slated to be approved a week from today.

School board weighs budget options

Mar 12, 2015
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With budget season approaching, Buffalo school board members must decide on how to best utilize the district's limited resources. Additional spending for physical education is one consideration.

The Buffalo Schools District Parent Coordinating Council says the district is not following the law when it comes to physical education in its buildings.

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Buffalo's District Parent Coordinating Council is calling for the return of recess to city schools.