Karl Shallowhorn

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The Erie County Anti-Stigma Coalition is urging workers to consider their mental health as they re-enter the workforce in a post-Covid world.


Karl Shallowhorn has made a name for himself as one of the region’s largest mental health advocates. Before he became the chair of the Erie County Anti-Stigma Coalition, he spent many of his formative years at Buffalo State’s college radio station WBNY. Shallowhorn spoke with WBFO’s Nick Lippa about how music and WBNY helped him graduate after he received his bipolar disorder diagnosis.


One final push is being made by the Erie County Anti-Stigma Coalition this year to raise awareness around the negative stereotypes surrounding mental health. The group, which started in 2017, is aiming to reach 3,500 pledges on their website to end stigma by the end of the year.

'Joker' has shattered box office records and drawn both acclaim and criticism for its depiction of mental illness and violence. WBFO's Nick Lippa hosted a Facebook Live conversation Friday about what 'Joker' and other Hollywood blockbusters get right and wrong about mental illness. Nick was joined by Karl Shallowhorn, Education Program Coordinator at Community Health Center of Buffalo, and Alex Garcia, Mental Health Program Director at Horizon Health Services' Broadway Recovery Center.

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Suicide, and an increase in adults committing it, is a growing concern among mental health professionals. Military veterans are among those who end their lives each day. A recently-released U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs report offers mixed trends over a 12-year period.

A new report from the state Department of Health says the potential benefits of legalizing marijuana for use by adults outweighs the potential risks. But there’s concern over public education if legalization goes forward.

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State University of New York Trustees are moving forward with a proposal to provide all students with access to telecounseling and online mental health services. SUNY Trustees passed a directive for University administration to consider the use of the remote counseling services across the state.