Kevin Helfer

Buffalo parking commissioner Kevin Helfer says the city's new school zone cameras are already showing significant improvement in reducing speeding.

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Drivers who speed past schools, in Buffalo, may not get away scot-free much longer. The city has installed school zone enforcement cameras at more than a dozen locations. 

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Buffalo officials are happy about parking changes that have added hundreds of parking spaces downtown while charging for later hours. However, that attitude is not shared by all.

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The continuing bureaucratic pathway for a giant affordable housing complex at 201 Ellicott St. in Buffalo is again exposing the struggle over whether there is enough parking downtown, as more and more people live and work in the Central Business District.

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There is yet another parking plan for downtown Buffalo, as the Common Council approved a changed version of the plan approved two weeks ago, including most of the parking price increases.

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It is going to be more expensive to park in downtown Buffalo, but more spaces will be available.

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It's going to be easier to park in Buffalo's Central Business District, although it might cost a buck or two more.

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Whether you want to pay to park or not as you roam across Buffalo, there is an increasingly popular alternative to dropping quarters or wandering down the street to the computerized parking ticket vending machine.

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The latest plans to ease parking problems along booming Hertel Avenue aren't going over well.

Buffalo to implement ‘pay-by-cell’ parking

Oct 16, 2015
Jonny Moran/WBFO News

Buffalo's parking system is getting a major update. Mayor Byron Brown announced a plan Friday for a new "pay-by-cell" parking program that will let motorists pay for metered parking with their mobile devices.

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City officials want to hire Express Scripts directly to handle prescriptions rather than work with the same firm through an intermediary. The move could save taxpayers' dollars.

Hourly parking standardizing to $1 in Buffalo

Jan 30, 2015
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Feeding the meters will cost more money in some Buffalo business districts this spring. The city is increasing 50 cent-an-hour parking to $1 an hour at about 1,100 meters on roads including Hertel Avenue, Elmwood Avenue and Main Street.