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The pressure against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo over sexual harassment allegations reached the White House on Tuesday, with President Joe Biden saying Cuomo should resign if the state attorney general's investigation confirms the claims against him.


Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand has spent more than a month traveling around the country to gauge support for a 2020 presidential campaign, and the New York senator says she is now officially in the race.

U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is calling on Congress to provide money to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the study of Acute Flaccid Myelitis. It has been affecting young children across the state and the country, and earlier this month the CDC established a task force to investigate AFM.

There's a small chance that if Saturday Night Live hadn't been so mean to former New York Gov. David Paterson, Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand wouldn't be in the U.S. Senate.

In late 2008, Hillary Clinton was vacating her Senate seat for the State Department, and the New York governor was trying to decide who should fill it.

"It was the stereotypical Mr. Magoo, blind character who does everything wrong and in a sense is actually stupid in addition to being blind," Paterson, who is legally blind, recalls of the SNL skit.

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As the over-prescription of opioid pain killers continues to plague the country, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is proposing new legislation to help curb it. In Chautauqua County on Monday morning, Gillibrand announced a new bipartisan bill that would limit initial supplies of opioid prescriptions for short-term acute pain to just seven days.

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Various states have been implementing their own laws dealing with sexual violence on college campuses, with New York’s among the most stringent in the country. There is also an effort underway to deal with the issue on the national level.

Thousands veterans who suffered a "dishonorable discharge" may get the chance to clear their record. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says she's introduced a bill to help veterans discharged because of their sexual orientation.

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Washington is putting up money into encouraging Western New York entrepreneurs.

With a major fight in Washington over providing meals to school kids and the standards for those meals, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand took the fight to a  Buffalo classroom Monday.

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Last week's storm dumped heavy snow upon the Eden Valley, damaging greenhouses and structures that are integral to the local food network.

Gillibrand backs minimum wage boost

Sep 8, 2014

The movement to increase the federal minimum wage is gaining momentum. President Obama has championed the idea. New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is joining the wave.

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New York State's two US Senators, Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gilibrand, have announced funding for improvements to a pair of Western New York fire departments.