Larry Bierl

image provided by Samantha Christmann

The death of Larry Bierl, known as "Larry" from his life on the streets of Williamsville, has been widely discussed on social media. The cause of death was hypothermia, his body found in a bus stop shelter during the last week's extreme cold. WBFO's Morning Edition host Jay Moran spoke with Buffalo News reporter Samantha Christmann, who was following the discussion on Facebook, shares her personal family story. 

Indiegogo / Buffalo Rising

Larry Bierl, the homeless man whose body was discovered in an NFTA Metro Bus shelter in Williamsville Thursday, died of hypothermia. His cause of death was determined following an autopsy by the Erie County Medical Examiner. Meanwhile, a fundraiser has been established to honor the memory of Bierl by supporting a not-for-profit agency which assists homeless people.

The first blizzard of 2019 has taken three lives in total, including a well-known Williamsville man who was homeless.