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State lawmakers, who have not had a pay raise since 1999, are no closer to getting one in the new year. The state commission assembled to recommend a possible raise instead rejected the measure on Tuesday. But not everyone eligible for the raise is upset.

New York lawmakers could soon get their first pay increase in nearly two decades. 

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The panel formed to consider proposed pay raises for New York State legislators has until mid November to submit its recommendation. There are differences in opinion among lawmakers, downstate and upstate, whether they need to earn larger checks.

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It’s looking less likely that state lawmakers will be getting a long-awaited pay raise next year. A commission designed to take politics out of the issue is now coming under political pressure to not grant the salary increase.

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Given the sluggish economy, State Senator Mark Grisanti says this is no time for a legislative pay raise.

Legislators' salary is currently about $80,000 annually plus per-diem. The Buffalo Republican says when the issue was brought up, he and many of his colleagues pledged to vote against it.

"This job is a privilege, not a right. You should be happy to serve the public and have integrity while you're doing so. If you don't like the pay scale and you're in the position already, then leave the position and find something else to do," Grisanti said Friday.