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The National Comedy Center opened Wednesday in Jamestown with big fanfare and lots of laughs.

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Jamestown’s National Comedy Center, which opens this August, will feature some cutting edge technology for museum goers. Visitors will wear a wristband with an RFID chip throughout their stay that will help complete a sense of humor profile.

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It's been one year since a newer Lucille Ball bronze statue was unveiled in the community where she grew up. People still come to the village of Celoron, located just outside of Jamestown, to see the image of the late comedy legend. And whether it's tourists or longtime residents, the consensus is that the newer Lucy is a vast improvement.

National Comedy Center

As Jamestown officials intensify efforts to market the Southern Tier city as a hub for humor, the National Comedy Center has announced its headliner for the 2017 Lucille Ball Comedy Festival.

New Lucille Ball statue unveiled in Celoron

Aug 6, 2016

The Lucille Ball Comedy Festival is going on now in Jamestown, NY. On Saturday hundreds gathered at the Lucille Ball Memorial Park in the Village of Celoron to watch the unveiling of the new Lucille Ball statue. with permission

This weekend the village of Celoron, located just outside of Jamestown, will host the formal unveiling of a new statue paying tribute to its most famous native, actress and comedienne Lucille Ball. Fans of the late star have been eagerly awaiting this statue, which replaces a Lucy hardly anyone loved upon its introduction.

Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum & Center for Comedy

In the 1950s, when she was a famous comedienne with the most popular show on television, Lucille Ball liked to say she was from Jamestown. But for much of her youth she lived in Celoron, the little village next door to Jamestown on the shores of Chautauqua Lake.

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New York State has added to its tourism strategy. On Saturday, Governor Cuomo announced the groundbreaking of the new National Comedy Center in Jamestown, New York.

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Public art is once again a hot topic in Buffalo. Such art has always been around. The replica of the Statue of David has been gracing Delaware Park near the Buffalo History Museum for decades. But last year's arrival of "Shark Girl" at Canalside has attracted plenty of attention.

Facebook page "We Love Lucy Get Rid of this Statue"

The mayor of Lucille Ball's Southern Tier hometown says he'll hire a new sculptor to "fix'' the village's much-maligned statue of the 1950s sitcom star after criticism of the public artwork drew worldwide attention. 

Courtesy of the Facebook page "We Love Lucy Get Rid of this Statue"

Residents of Lucille Ball's upstate New York hometown of Celoron say they want to replace a scary looking bronze statue of the actress. 

Visiting Bob Newhart reflects on Lucy's legacy

Oct 9, 2014

Comedy legend Bob Newhart will bring his unique brand of deadpan humor to Jamestown Saturday as a featured performer at this year's Lucy Town Half Marathon and 5K Weekend.