Main Street

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Another large student housing complex is coming to Main Street in Buffalo, as the University at Buffalo Medical School and all other branches of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus attract rising numbers of students.

Michael Mroziak, WBFO

By the year 2020, auto traffic will again be rolling on Lower Main Street between Scott and Exchange Streets, sharing that stretch of the road with NFTA Metro Rail service. Work on a $22.5 million phase of the City of Buffalo's Cars Sharing Main Street Project is now underway.

Architectural Resources / Buffalo Planning Board

After some final tinkering with the design, the Buffalo Planning Board on Monday approved a massive graduate student housing complex at Main Street and Hertel Avenue. Digging may start within weeks on an environmental cleanup, clearing the way for the complex.

Buffalo police are investigating a hit-and-run that occurred around 12:30 p.m. Saturday in a parking lot on the 2500 block of Main Street.

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A section of North Buffalo will be very different if a massive new apartment complex is built. The property at the corner of Main  Street and Hertel Avenue is working through the city's regulatory process.

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The medians separating lanes of traffic on Main Street in the University District created controversy from the very beginning. Now, a meeting will be held on whether the medians should be removed.

New history signs on Main Street

Jun 11, 2016
Photos by Erica L. Eichelkraut

Saturday was Downtown History Day and the city of Buffalo, the Buffalo History Museum and Buffalo Place announced the completion of its 10-sign outdoor exhibit.

Photos by Erica L. Eichelkraut

Business owners on Main Street wishing to overhaul the look of their old buildings may be in luck. They can now apply for a program that will match a $300,000 grant in renovations.

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Erin Kelly, the daughter of Buffalo Bills great Jim Kelly, has just released her book "Kelly Tough."

The City of Buffalo is seeking a development on Ellicott Street that would include a grocery store. "In economic development, one of the key telltale signs is landing a grocery store in a redeveloped area," said Jim Fink of Business First on WBFO's Press Pass.

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The Market Arcade on Main Street has long been known for under-performing establishments. But by the end of this summer, that may change.

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The prospects for road repairs seem months away, but plans are already underway for the continued improvements to Kenmore Avenue.

Hourly parking standardizing to $1 in Buffalo

Jan 30, 2015
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Feeding the meters will cost more money in some Buffalo business districts this spring. The city is increasing 50 cent-an-hour parking to $1 an hour at about 1,100 meters on roads including Hertel Avenue, Elmwood Avenue and Main Street.

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  For those under the age of 30, cars driving on Main Street in Buffalo’s downtown area is a foreign concept. That is, until now.

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Up and down Main Street tonight, there will be revelers, bands, and diners all kicking off the theater season. It's also the kickoff of the prime time of year for downtown restaurant operators.

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The next phase of the Cars Sharing Main Street project was officially kicked off in downtown Buffalo Tuesday.

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Village of Williamsville Mayor Brian Kulpa says residents want to take back their streets and not just be thought of as buildings along traffic arteries, as Main Street is usually perceived.

The plan for returning cars to Main Street in downtown Buffalo is already beginning to have its desired effect.  The city has found a new tenant for a long vacant restaurant in the Market Arcade complex.

A project to rebuild the 600 block of Main so it can accommodate Metro Rail and automobiles is set to begin in September, but that didn't stop Jay Haynes from leasing the former Ya Ya Bayou Brewhouse near Shea's Performing Arts Center. Haynes plans to open Perfetto, an upscale eatery this fall.

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An armed robber struck the Rent-A-Center store on Main Street Near Utica Street on Saturday.

Police report that the thief escaped through the back door with $500 in cash. No injuries were reported in the incident. It is the second time in nine months that the store has been robbed.

Police are seeking evidence to identify the culprit.