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It's Maple Weekend across New York State. This weekend and next weekend, you can take your family to the country to learn about and sample one of New York's most important agricultural products. WBFO's Howard Riedel spoke with Greg Zimpfer, one of the co-founders of Maple Weekend.

Climate change threatens maple trees -- and syrup

Mar 19, 2018

Scientists say climate change affects everything from weather patterns to animal migrations. And now, a popular breakfast condiment could be at risk as well – maple syrup. That’s bad news for the Great Lakes region, which produces a lot of it.

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Fire late Friday night destroyed a barn at the Smith Maple Farm on Mayer Road in the Town of Boston.

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Real maple syrup is a sweet treat, but it often comes with a hefty price tag. This is why researchers are working to develop a new method to produce syrup.

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This week's fresh blanket of snow should provide a nice scenic backdrop for what promises to be a sweet and tasty event in the countryside. Maple Weekend also provides an economic boost for the region.

A recent report warned of another poor year for maple syrup producers in Canada and the northeastern U.S., but some producers in Ontario aren't so sure.

Maple syrup production in state hits 70-year high

Jun 24, 2015

Despite a harsh winter, New York State’s Maple Syrup production hit its highest yield since 1944.