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Erie County

Buffalo has a new interim City Comptroller, after a Common Council appointment Tuesday. It is an appointment subject to the voters in June and November.

Erie County

Erie County Legislator Barbara Miller-Williams has won the Democratic nomination for Buffalo City Comptroller.

The City of Buffalo's finances are not looking good after last year - and this fiscal year is not starting well.

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With new leadership on the horizon, there are some big changes occurring at the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority, including 12 percent raises for union workers.

Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority

City Comptroller Mark Schroeder says it's well and good that the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority has found a cheaper way to buy rock salt. It would be better if the authority had the auditors to say where the rest of its millions of dollars are going.

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Do you remember the fight over $4 million City Comptroller Mark Schroeder said the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority owed the city? The two sides apparently have agreed there is a debt, but now the question is how much.

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Well into the evening on Tuesday, supporters of mayoral candidate Mark Schroeder hoped their guy had a chance to win. Vote totals seemed to take so long to come in. However, by the end of the night, it became clear their candidate had lost.

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While many who follow Buffalo politics consider Tuesday night's Democratic primary the race that effectively settled the campaign for mayor, Byron Brown stated he is focusing on winning the general election in November. The incumbent mayor, though, savored his primary win and what many believe is a clear path to his fourth term in office.

2017 Primary Election Results

Sep 12, 2017

WBFO followed key races in the September 12 Primary Election. See the results from local polls here.

Eileen Elibol

The Democratic primary election for Buffalo Mayor is Tuesday and the tension in the race seemed to make Wednesday night's debate in the WNED|WBFO studio a little angrier.

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On Wednesday night, the three Democratic candidates for Mayor participated in Decision 2017: The Race for Buffalo Mayor, live at the WNED|WBFO studios in downtown Buffalo.

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The old statement in political campaigns is, 'Let's look at the record.' At Thursday night's Buffalo mayoral debate, Incumbent Mayor Byron Brown liked his record and challengers Mark Schroeder and Betty Jean Grant did not.

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With the Democratic primary for Buffalo mayor only four weeks away, incumbent Byron Brown has a substantial lead over competitors City Comptroller Mark Schroeder and Erie County Legislator Betty Jean Grant.

Thousands of older homes in the city of Buffalo are considered to be at-risk for lead paint hazards. It's a problem that health officials consider to be a crisis. But according to Dan Telvock of Investigative Post, city efforts to combat the problem are not making much progress. He outlines the issue on WBFO's Press Pass.

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Alarm bells are sounding over an audit showing civilian dispatchers in the Buffalo Fire Department racked up thousands of dollars in overtime.

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Now there is a race for Buffalo mayor, as city Comptroller Mark Schroeder official threw his name into the mix Sunday. He will challenge Mayor Byron Brown in the September primary and possibly in November.

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To date, no one has officially declared candidacy in this year's race for Mayor of Buffalo. But the city's comptroller, Mark Schroeder, has all but made formal that he'll be in the mix.

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Buffalo has been issued a $1 million rebate on its street light payments to National Grid, the latest stage in a fight that has been going on for several years.

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There's a little more transparency now in Buffalo City Hall with the Common Council putting its agenda and supporting paperwork online.

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Buffalo has 32,000 street lights. How many of them work? The city will know soon when a consultant reports.

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Fracking supporters were inside the Hyatt Regency Thursday night while opponents were outside in the rain.

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Comptroller Mark Schroeder says the company that runs key elements of Buffalo's waterfront has shorted the city $343,245 over the last five years.

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Changes are being made to ensure that property owners in the City of Buffalo will be better informed about how their tax dollars are being spent.

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Buffalo City Comptroller Mark Schroeder says he will be doing an audit of the street lighting program, at the request of the Common Council.

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Buffalo Comptroller Mark Schroeder says City Hall is going to have to change some of its fiscal ways.

Buffalo firefighters rally for new contract

Nov 9, 2012
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"What is it that we want?  A contract. And when do we want it? Now!"  That was the rallying cry in front of Buffalo's City Hall late Thursday morning. 

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City Hall is seeing major increases in parking collections since the December arrest of two city workers charged with stealing from parking meters.

When FBI agents busted Charles Bagarozzo and Lawrence Charles in December they were charged with stealing tens of thousands of dollars in coins from meters. When Bagarozzo's home was searched, $47,000 in coins turned up.

City auditors say collections since the arrests are on the rise. Comptroller Mark Schroeder reports a six-month increase of 38 percent.

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Federal anti-poverty funds received by the City of Buffalo will now be overseen by the city comptroller.

This is among the changes mandated by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. These monies were previously handled by the Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency, but that arrangement led to investigations into the appropriation of the funds.

Comptroller Mark Schroeder claims that members of the renewal agency will not be among his team of overseers for the funding.

Quarterly reports regarding the use of the funds will be required as well.

Angered by J.P. Morgan Chase's local mortgage issues and the bank’s recent revelation it lost billions of dollars in the money markets, Buffalo has shifted $45 million out of the bank.

City Comptroller Mark Schroeder says he is shifting the money to First Niagara Bank and receiving a slightly higher interest rate on the Buffalo Sewer Authority cash.

He says the money being moved represents around eight or nine-percent of the cash held by Chase for a wide array of City Hall agencies at a time when a lot of cash is held for authority capital projects.

Buffalo's bond rating has gone up and that showed up on Tuesday when interest rates on city loans went down.

In three different deals, the city borrowed $41 million and paid interest rates homeowners can only dream about.

City Comptroller Mark Schroeder says the deals reflect Wall Street's improving views of the city and its future prospects.

That shows up in the key borrowing, bonds for the city's annual capital projects totaling nearly $22 million.