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Residential property can be very valuable and it is easily transferred - easily if you're a criminal and know the system. But soon there will be a computerized property alert system to help prevent fraud.

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One month after New York State's Green Light Law took effect, the Erie County Clerk has renewed a legal fight while advocates for those who may take advantage of the law are renewing their recommendation to bring such business to a bureau that will respect the law.

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A suspected instance of voter registration fraud has prompted Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns to ask the Board of Elections for clarity regarding New York's Green Light law. Kearns alleges a non-citizen submitted a voter registration application while applying for a commercial driver’s license.


New York State's Green Light law technically went into effect Saturday, but processing at the DMV central office begins today. With that, Jennifer Connor, Executive Director for Justice for Migrant Families WNY is encouraging applicants to avoid fraud by checking the guidelines at the state DMV website.

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Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns has been a very vocal opponent of Albany's Green Light Law. With the law ready to go into effect, Kearns again is highlighting the difficulties county clerks will face in implementing the change.

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Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns is asking for more than $600,000 to pay for New York state’s Green Light Law, but says he still has no plans to provide driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants.


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A judge has dismissed Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns' lawsuit against New York's Green Light law.

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Will New York’s Green Light Law put county clerks at risk of being federally prosecuted for helping hide undocumented immigrants?


That was one of the main questions debated Wednesday during oral arguments for Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns’ high-profile lawsuit against the state for allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain driver's licenses.


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Erie County Clerk Michael Kearns is suing top state officials over the recent passage of the Green Light Bill, which allows undocumented immigrants to obtain driver's licenses in New York.

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Two Erie County elected officials say they are concerned about the possible negative consequences of allowing undocument immigrants to obtain a driver's license in New York.

Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns says he is ready for a full term, while Democratic challenger Angela Marinucci is not sure he actually won. Kearns' victory margin is about 5,600, but there are still 19,000 absentee ballots countywide.  

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The Erie County Clerk's office is ministerial, meaning most of what it does is processing paperwork and issuing documents, like DMV licenses of various sorts and gun permits. In a debate Tuesday night, incumbent Mickey Kearns and Democratic challenger Angela Marinucci agreed on a lot of things.

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Buffalo Common Council Majority Leader David Rivera has issued a ststement, saying he has fired his political campaign treasurer and sent a formal complaint to the New York State Board of Elections.

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Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns does not think the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) adequately informed the public of documentation requirements for applying for Enhanced Driver License IDs.

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A Buffalo teacher is going to Albany as a new member of the New York State Assembly. Erik Bohen beat Erie County Legislator Pat Burke for the seat vacated when Mickey Kearns was elected Erie County Clerk.

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Cities, towns and villages in Erie County will soon be notified weekly about foreclosures in their communities, potentially allowing them to look for "zombie" homes, buildings in the process of foreclosure which have been abandoned by the homeowners, bringing down neighboring property values.

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A registered Democrat running on the Republican ticket won the seat of Erie County Clerk in Tuesday’s Elections, beating out a political newcomer.

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Having your house foreclosed on can be a nightmarish ordeal, yet one woman is sharing her plight with the public.

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Last week, there were a thousand skilled trades workers on site, building the SolarCity plant in South Buffalo. With pink slips issued late last week, there are expected to be fewer workers today.

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A local state assemblyman says First Niagara Bank should give back $28 million it has received to create jobs. If the financial institution is taken over by Key Bank, the move cost 1,800 jobs.

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One local state lawmaker says during a time when downtown Buffalo has enjoyed an economic renaissance, the announced forthcoming acquisition of First Niagara by KeyCorp could deal a devastating blow to the local economy.

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New York State Assemblyman Mickey Kearns claims "People knew Sheldon Silver was corrupt" and says he has long sought the removal of the State Assembly Speaker from office. Kearns comments follow word that Silver will step down as Speaker on Monday as he faces federal corruption charges.

Western New York Assemblyman Michael Kearns says he is quitting his Democratic conference based on the way Speaker Sheldon Silver handled the scandal involving disgraced Assemblyman Vito Lopez.

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As expected, Christopher Scanlon was named this morning as the new South District Common Council member.

The 30-year-old Scanlon was appointed by a 5-3  Council vote  to assume the seat vacated by Mickey Kearns, who was elected to the State Assembly in March.

"I'm excited, I'm very excited.  I'm just really looking forward to working with the people of South Buffalo, working with the members of the Council [and] everyone else here in City Hall and do what's best for South Buffalo," Scanlon said.

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It's back to the drawing board for the Common Council in filling the vacant South District seat.

The seat has been vacant since Mickey Kearns was elected to the State Assembly.

It's been a difficult seat to fill since one applicant turned out not to live in the district and another had done time in prison and no one could come up with the necessary five votes.

Candidates filing for council seat

Mar 23, 2012

Mickey Kearns' move to Albany and an Assembly seat has set off a scramble for his spot on the Buffalo Common Council.

Former Erie County Legislator Tim Whalen is among those who have expressed an interest in the seat.

Under city charter, the new councilmember must come from Kearns'  South District and share his Democratic Party affiliation.

South District Democratic committeemen will nominate a candidate, but the Common Council has the final say.

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In a major political upset, South District Common Council member Mickey Kearns will be going to Albany to fill the Assembly seat vacated by City Comptroller Mark Schroeder instead of Chris Fahey, the candidate of Congressman Brian Higgins.

Going into Tuesday's balloting to fill the State Assembly, the conventional wisdom was that Democratic candidate Fahey would win, buoyed by Congressman  Higgins and his allies in a heavily Democratic district.