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An employer in New York State can't refuse to hire someone because of what that person wears, including religious clothing or attire.

Rich Kellman

We've been reporting recently on new job opportunities in Western New York, especially in the building trades and health care. Whatever field you choose, one of the best bits of advice from professionals is to find yourself a mentor, someone to learn from and help you find opportunities. WBFO contributor Rich Kellman takes a closer look.

Rich Kellman

The world is changing at lightning speed and healthcare is no exception. But change can be good for doctors, patients and people looking for a new career. As WBFO contributor Rich Kellman reports, teams of physician assistants, nurse practitioners, medical scribes and others are helping meet the challenges associated with rising costs and meeting patients' needs.

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One of the area's smaller Muslim communities, persecuted in some parts of the world, is taking part in a national campaign called Muhammad Messenger of Peace.