New York State Legislature

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In the legislative session that recently ended, Governor Cuomo saw the state legislature reject a number of agenda items he’d been pushing. The governor, perhaps taking a cue from President Obama, has used his executive powers  to  advance some of the proposals anyway.

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Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders have agreed to a package of bills to combat heroin addiction. The movement comes as the legislative session draws to a close.

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Women’s groups rallied outside the New York State Senate chamber Thursday, demanding a vote on Governor Cuomo’s 10-point women’s equality act that includes an abortion rights provision.

The just concluded 2012 legislative session brought mixed results for Governor Cuomo, who is in his second year as governor.  While Cuomo and lawmakers could claim credit for a calm and functional end to the session,  the Governor had to drop some of his original goals  in order for that to happen.

Governor Cuomo’s second legislative session was far less dramatic than his first legislative session in 2011, when he convinced the legislature to authorize same sex marriage, instate a 2% property tax cap, and close a massive $10 billion  budget deficit.

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A cyber-bullying awareness and reporting bill is close to final approval, according to the New York State legislature and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The bill works to define cyber-bullying, referring to it as harassment, insults, taunting and threats that are delivered through social media. A requirement will mandate that schools increase their awareness and improve handling of such cases.

No criminal charge will be outlined in the bill.