Nightmare Alley

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Oscar-winning filmmaker Guillermo del Toro has begun work in Buffalo on his latest project, Nightmare Alley, a film based on the 1940s novel of the same name by William Lindsay Gresham. Just before he set to work on a scene inside Buffalo's City Hall, he was honored by local leaders for bringing the latest major film production to town.

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A major new film, Guillermo del Toro's "Nightmare Alley," began production in Buffalo this week. On this week's Press Pass, film commissioner Tim Clark talks with WBFO’s Pat Feldballe about some of the things that can affect a movie shoot in an urban area in the winter. Also, a tip of the hat to Tim on his election as the Association of Film Commissioners International board chairman.

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One of cinema's most acclaimed directors will be shooting scenes for his next movie in Buffalo.