November storm

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Erie County Legislators are pushing Albany to release records of state efforts to fight the November 2014 blizzard which buried much of the county with up to seven feet of snow.

WNY marks the first anniversary of 'Snowvember'

Nov 17, 2015
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It's one of those moments in Western New York history when those affected will always remember where they were when it happened. It was the historic November snowstorm which began in the evening hours of November 17, 2014. Western New Yorkers are remembering the epic storm on its first anniversary.

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Eden Valley farmers like the Zittels were hammered by the November 2014 storm, a storm which hit the agricultural heartland of Erie County so rapidly that several greenhouses were left in ruins. They still sit there as farmers focus on preparing this year's crops.

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An area contractor says allegations of 'price gouging' made by State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman are false. Collingwood Construction of Getzville is defending the prices it charged for work conducted during last November's devastating snow storm.

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Taxpayers in Erie County can now get a better look at how their tax dollars are being spent.

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New York Senator Tim Kennedy has made an about-face regarding unemployment reimbursements following the November storm.

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Though the cleanup of the November storm went relatively well, there was ample room for improvement. On Monday night at the Tosh Collins Center in south Buffalo, block club leaders and government officials shared notes on the storm and how to be better prepared for future emergencies. 

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New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is continuing an investigation into price gouging following the November storm.

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Western New Yorkers whose homes and property were damaged by the November storm can get assistance with insurance claims today.