NY State of Health

Tom Magnarelli / WRVO News

While New York would not be as greatly affected as other states if the Affordable Care Act is repealed, there could be some changes to the health exchange. Republicans, controlling the House, Senate and soon the presidency are now positioned to repeal President Obama’s healthcare law.

Open enrollment is here. Now what?

Nov 2, 2016
Karen Shakerdge / WXXI News

You may have heard a few different numbers regarding insurance costs rising for 2017. Not all states have the same rate increases. In New York, plans are going up an average of 17 percent.

Not sure what these changes in premium costs mean for you? Or what you need to do if you're already on a health plan through the exchange? Wondering if you need to bother with the exchange if you get health insurance through your employer? 

WXXI's Karen Shakerdge sat down with Lisa Ball, staff attorney at Legal Assistance of Western New York, specializing in health, to learn more.