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The New York State United Teachers union is hosting its annual Representative Assembly in Buffalo on Friday and Saturday.

Less than a month after it was enacted, Governor Cuomo’s new teacher evaluation plan seems to be in jeopardy, with the Regents Chancellor calling for a year’s delay and a key Senator saying the legislature needs to revisit the issue.

Growing support to 'opt out'

Apr 7, 2015
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Support for opting out of standardized testing is mounting. WBFO's Focus on Education reporter Eileen Buckley says while the State Education Department and Cuomo Administration warn against it, others are urging parents to have their children opt out.


Governor Cuomo and the state legislature approved some significant changes to the state’s education system and how teachers are evaluated going forward. But, before all that can be implemented ,the new system faces a big test, literally, later this month.

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Hundreds of teachers are rallied at the State Capitol late Monday, saying they are calling out Cuomo for what they say is his anti-public school agenda.

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Teachers have been holding rallies all around the state protesting Governor Cuomo’s education proposals, and hundreds are expected to converge on the Capitol Monday to protest over reliance on standardized tests, and other issues.

With less than two months before the state budget is due, Governor Cuomo and education groups remain at odds, with the state teacher’s union calling the fight a “war,” and Cuomo calling the teachers and their allies a bloated bureaucracy.

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The state's largest teachers union says it is outraged at Gov. Cuomo's veto of a bill on the Common Core. WBFO's Focus on Education reporter Eileen Buckley says a protest is planned for Thursday in Buffalo.

Union & teachers to shred Pearson tests in protest

Aug 11, 2014
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Teachers from across the state will stage a protest tonight in Albany against a national testing company.  In this Focus on Education report  WBFO'S Eileen Buckley says they will tear apart tests made by Pearson.

Union blames tax cap for school spending inequality

Dec 18, 2013

Wealthier schools in the state spend 80 percent more on student education than poorer districts. The New York State United Teachers blames the funding inequality in part on the states property tax cap.

New York State’s largest teachers union has filed a lawsuit against the state’s property tax cap, arguing it’s unconstitutional.