Old Fort Niagara

Most Western New Yorkers know a little about the history of Old Fort Niagara. What hasn’t always been clear is the role of African Americans at the fort.

WBFO’s Brigid Valenza took a tour with the fort’s executive director, Robert Emerson, who explained some of its special hidden history.


Tom Dinki/WBFO

Fort Niagara has been a lot of things throughout its 300-plus-year history.


It was a crucial military post for France, Great Britain and eventually the United States during the 18th and 19th centuries. It was a training ground for Polish soldiers during World War I, as well as an induction site for the U.S. Army and even a camp for German prisoners of war during World War II.


On Wednesday morning, it was also the beginning for 20 of the United States’ newest citizens, as Old Fort Niagara hosted its first naturalization ceremony in nearly three decades.



RIT 'Big Shot' captures Old Fort Niagara

Oct 1, 2018
Rochester Institute of Technology

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'Big Shot' heading to Old Fort Niagara

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Old Fort Niagara

The 33rd “Big Shot” community photo project will focus on Old Fort Niagara next month.

Old Fort Niagara receives new fire equipment

Jan 31, 2018
Old Fort Niagara

If you’ve ever been to Old Fort Niagara, perhaps you can picture the narrow 19th-century gateways that lead into the popular Youngstown tourist attraction. Getting fire equipment into the fort has long been a problem for local firefighters.

Online Screen Grab / WBFO News

The ongoing lake shore erosion in Youngstown is now threatening one of the buildings at Old Fort Niagara.

OLd Fort Niagara

If you’ve ever wondered how being in the military has changed over the course of time, Old Fort Niagara is sponsoring a series of events that begin Saturday.

Old Fort Niagara

It’s sometimes called “the forgotten war,” and this weekend, local residents will have a chance to learn more about the War of 1812 in a unique way.


Area shorelines received a facelift as volunteers descended upon 40 area sites for the 30th annual Great Lakes Beach Sweep.

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Apr 17, 2014
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The Buffalo History Museum kicked-off the last year of the War of 1812 bicentennial Wednesday with the firing of muskets.  This year a series of events will take place across western New York to commemorate the bloody battles of the war between the United States and Canada, and the 200 years of peace that followed.