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This is Sunshine Week, a nationwide celebration of free press and open government. As a way to shine the light brighter, a New York State assemblymember from the Hudson Valley has introduced two bills to amend the Open Meetings Law and the Freedom of Information Law.

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New York State has an Open Meetings Law. A new report from the state Coalition for Open Government suggests that doesn’t matter much, since there is no enforcement and if you don’t know what’s coming up at the meeting or don’t know what happened afterwards, how valuable is it?

A new report from a local watchdog group faults many local governments for doing a poor job of relaying basic information to the public.

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A newly-issued report suggests that when local governments go into executive sessions, they are most times not fully complying with a state law concerning open government.

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Democratic mayoral candidate Bernie Tolbert is criticizing the Buffalo Board of Education on the presentation of their turnaround plan for failing schools.