Parkside Avenue

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Travelers through the intersection of Parkside and Hertel avenues can watch the construction of a major new building on that North Buffalo corner. It is a mix of residential, office and commercial space. However, the developer has to first dig 10 former gasoline tanks out of the ground.

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Construction work on Parkside next to Delaware Park is in sight, in the long-running fight over what to do about traffic and traffic speed.

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City officials hope to have final plans together for redesigning the intersection of Parkside and Florence by the end of next month, with a contractor to be selected by the end of October. 

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Now that traffic on the Scajaquada has been slowed in the wake of the death of three-year-old Maksym Sugorovskiy, Parkside area residents want to know: How about slowing down Parkside traffic off the expressway?

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A child is dead and another is in critical condition after a car struck them in Delaware Park.