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With rents too high and wages too low, Buffalo has an eviction problem. Research from the Partnership for the Public Good pegs the eviction rate at nearly 13 percent. Buffalo Rising has joined the effort to highlight the issue and brought Orlando Dickson and Sarah Wooten of PPG to WBFO's Press Pass to outline potential solutions.

Thomas O'Neil-White

Expand the Outer Harbor into a full state park is the message coming from the Partnership for the Public Good and a dozen other local groups who make up the Our Harbor Coalition. The Partnership released a report Monday, detailing a full analysis of the why a state park is best for the land.

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Wearing flip flops and a black hat with an upraised fist stitched in the front, Jean Michel Jr. is the definition of leisurely. He doesn’t seem in a hurry to get anywhere today.

His path thus far has been amazing in and of itself.

Thomas O'Neil-White

Not paying a traffic ticket in the City of Buffalo on time can have a snowball effect on your finances, especially if you are working poor or straddling the poverty line.

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Buffalo has lots of old buildings and pipes. If not properly maintained, they could expose residents to lead. As part of the Lead Service Replacement Awards program, $567,492 is being pledged to help replace water service lines. With bills like the LEAD act already passing through the New York State Assembly and awaiting Senate approval, further steps could be taken in the future to combat lead exposure.

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Buffalo Public Schools prepare 28,000 lunches, 25,000 breakfasts and 5,000 snacks a day. Activists are calling for legal changes to allow greater variety in school food and easier ways to buy food produced locally.

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A newly-released report suggests wide racial disparity in marijuana-related arrests in Buffalo and Erie County. Advocates for marijuana reform says it's one more reason why it's time laws changes to allow the regulation and taxation of pot in New York State.

The typical nine-to-five shift is no longer the norm for millions of workers as the gig economy continues to dramatically expand.

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While state officials will be releasing its proposals for the future of the Scajaquada Expressway Wednesday night, the Partnership for the Public Good has come out with its plans for the roadway.

Coalition calls for new Amtrak station in Buffalo

Jan 18, 2016

The Partnership for the Public Good has released its annual policy agenda Friday. The initiatives are developed in cooperation with more than 200 non-profit and community groups.