Peace Bridge authority

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The Peace Bridge Authority is celebrating the end of a multi-year, $100 million rehabilitation project which officials say will add many more years to the life span of a critical crossing for the region's important cross-border traffic.

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The Peace Bridge between Buffalo and Fort Erie, Canada is undergoing a phase of construction expected to last six months. With traffic limited to one lane in each direction, delays aren’t expected as long as border agencies on both sides can maintain adequate staffing.

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A dilapidated landmark near the Peace Bridge in Buffalo is finally coming down.

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The head of the Peace Bridge Authority says travelers on the span are already benefiting from major construction projects which are underway on the U.S. plaza.  

Governor Andrew Cuomo visits Niagara Falls today as another storm could be brewing for his administration. It appears some of Cuomo's appointees to the Peace Bridge Authority may have acted improperly.

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The Buffalo Common Council could weigh in Tuesday afternoon on secret talks federal officials reportedly had about removing truck traffic from the Peace Bridge.

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New York State and the Canadian government have reached an agreement on millions of dollars worth of improvements at the Peace Bridge. In a news conference heard live on WBFO Wednesday, Governor Cuomo and Gary Doer, the Canadian ambassador to the United States, announced a deal that ends a bitter dispute over operation of the bridge.

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It's unclear if this weekend's meeting between Governor Cuomo and the Canadian Ambassador to the United States will bring a resolution to the ongoing feud involving the Peace Bridge Authority. Both parties had little to say about the talks, though they did report some progress on the matter.

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As a dispute between the Cuomo Administration and Canadian officials over the Peace Bridge drags on, Congressman Brian Higgins believes a settlement can be reached without a long legal fight. 

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Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing for major changes at the Peace Bridge Authority, but won't commit to signing a bill to take over the New York side of the bridge.

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A bill that could bring the dissolution of the bi-national Peace Bridge Authority one step closer has passed through the state Assembly. The legislation now goes to the state Senate with little more than a week left in the legislative session.

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A local environmental lawyer says "the public deserves the truth" so it can reach informed decisions about the Peace Bridge. He says the Buffalo and Fort Erie Bridge Authority cannot be dissolved by Albany.

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Controversy is overshadowing proposed improvements to the U.S. side of the Peace Bridge. The proposal is dividing members of the bi-national authority that administers the key piece of infrastructure.

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Governor Cuomo has nominated former Buffalo Mayor Anthony Masiello to a seat on the Peace Bridge Authority.

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It appears the flap over how the Peace Bridge is run is not over yet. As WBFO's Chris Caya reports, a bill proposed to dissolve the Buffalo and Ft. Erie Public Bridge Authority is still alive in Albany.

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The Peace Bridge Authority is the center of a dispute between U.S. and Canadian leaders as Governor Cuomo wants the Canadian general manager to leave. WBFO's Eileen Buckley talks with Investigative Post reporter Jim Heaney who has been following the developing issue over the last couple of weeks.

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U.S. Senator Charles Schumer is urging both sides in the dispute over running the Peace Bridge to "bury the hatchet." Schumer says cooperation could lead to lots of new jobs.