Peace Bridge Plaza

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Congressmen Chris Collins and Brian Higgins have jointly signed a letter to a federal government agency, urging action on a plan to expand and improve the US plaza at the Peace Bridge. While the Peace Bridge Authority backs the federal lawmakers, at least one Buffalo Common Council member has now expressed concerns for the acquisition of land Higgins says will be needed.

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The days of routing Peace Bridge traffic through Front Park in Buffalo are coming to an end. It's the latest step in the state's $56 million Gateway Connections Improvement project.

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The public has until May 5th to comment on plans for the New York Gateway Connections project, which will link the Peace Bridge plaza to the 190 and local roadways.  The State Transportation Department is making an extra effort to reach out to a very diverse neighborhood surrounding the Peace Bridge.

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The fight over expansion of the Peace Bridge is turning into a battle over asthma problems on the West Side.

There are an array of state agencies saying if there is a problem it isn't related to the bridge and its traffic. But a retired pulmonologist with years of research and treatment says it is.

How bad the air is around the bridge and on the West Side generally isn't clear. That may be made clearer in air monitoring which has started near the span, although the first complete report isn't due for six-months.

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Five years after closing its doors in anticipation of a new Peace Bridge, the Episcopal Church Home has a buyer. 

New York Lt. Governor Robert Duffy told reporters in Buffalo today the state has acquired the seven-acre property in the shadow of the Peace Bridge to help move the plaza expansion project forward.  

The home closed in 2007 due to a decline in business over concerns about a new bridge. Duffy says the purchase is "the last piece that will get the project going."

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A few weeks ago Governor Andrew Cuomo came to Buffalo announcing a preliminary deal for expansion of the Peace Bridge plaza.  The state will buy two-blocks of Busti Avenue for $15-million in order to demolish a row of historic homes and the former Episcopal Church Home where a duty free store would be built.

But as WBFO & AM-970'S Eileen Buckley reports, some West Side residents are upset with these plans that they say would further harm the air quality and a historic neighborhood.

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One constant of the years of struggle over upgrading the peace bridge has been lawsuits, and Governor Andrew Cuomo's announcement Saturday of progress toward a new bridge plaza may lead to even more lawsuits.

The most visible suit right now is over demolition of a series of historic homes across Busti Avenue from the current bridge plaza in Buffalo.

The buildings have been empty for years and are in bad shape, but they once belonged to some of the city's earliest leaders.

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Mayor Brown's surprising call for a delay in razing seven vacant houses on Busti Avenue to make way for the proposed construction of an expanded Peace Bridge Plaza is raising eyebrows.

Word that plans are proceeding for construction of a new international bridge linking Detroit and Windsor, Ontario has prompted Congressman Brian Higgins to call for an immediate end to all the hemming and hawing
that has been part of the Peace Bridge expansion issue for two decades.

The democrat from South Buffalo told reporters Monday the region cannot stand for any more delays.

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Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is hoping to stall the demolition of several West Side buildings to make way for Peace Bridge plaza improvements.

Brown sent a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo Friday, seeking Cuomo's support in a last ditch effort to stop the demolitions. Brown said there are still valid concerns and unanswered questions surrounding the plaza project.

He accused the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority of a lack of transparency.