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Many Buffalo neighborhoods are quieter Monday and their gardeners relaxing, after thousands of people toured yards during this weekend's 24th Annual GardenWalk Buffalo.

Catherine Herrick

Some pockets of Buffalo are buzzing thanks to urban redevelopment of an unexpected kind. The recently implemented Green Code has officially legalized what used to be an underground practice in the city of Buffalo: urban beekeeping. Residents have found an array of uses for it, from gardening and education to revitalization of neglected urban landmarks.

Signs of spring's early arrival can be seen across Western New York, with some flowers and trees starting to bloom. But what impact will the mild winter weather have on the local growing season?

After weeks of warm, summer-like weather, a hard freeze is being predicted for the overnight hours on Monday.

Colder weather will approach the region with daytime highs reaching the upper 30's on Monday, but it is the overnight temperatures that are raising some concerns. Temperatures are expected to dip to the mid 20's during Monday night. These temperatures could be damaging to fragile blooms that have responded to the recent heat.

Precaution should be taken to protect sensitive plants and trees from the freezing temperatures.